Porsche Winter Driving Program

Porsche is actually concerned its customer get carried away with the capabilities of their sportscar and cause themselves troubles, specially as the winter is approaching fast! So they are offering a wide range of opportunities to test Porsche vehicles in extreme conditions. From January to March 2011, sign up for Porsche winter driving courses at the Porsche Sport Driving School and the Porsche Travel Club.

During these courses, you will improve your driving skills in extreme conditions under supervision of professional instructors. In three sequential training levels – precision, performance and master – participants will learn how to better master their vehicles by driving in icy, yet controlled conditions.

The Precision Training Camps in Austria and Finland offer an ideal platform for beginners. In the performance and master level training courses, advanced drivers will go to Finland where they will learn to handle a Porsche in icy and snowy conditions on an ice race course. These drivers will practice correct steering and braking as well as reacting to load changes for safe cornering, among other skills.

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