The Werkshop – The Place For Automotive Enthusiasts | Presented By Champion Motorsport: slideshow image
The Werkshop – The Place For Automotive Enthusiasts | Presented By Champion Motorsport: slideshow image
The Werkshop – The Place For Automotive Enthusiasts | Presented By Champion Motorsport: slideshow image
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Porsche Makes A Push At WEC


Scoring a double victory at the six-hour race in Silverstone at the season-opening round of the sports car World Endurance Championship WEC, the Porsche Team Manthey made an excellent start to the season. Facing difficult conditions on the storied British circuit, Porsche works drivers Marco Holzer (Germany), Frédéric Makowiecki (France) and Richard Lietz (Austria) won the well-supported GTE-Pro class with the Porsche 911 RSR. Their factory pilot colleagues Patrick Pilet (France), Joerg Bergmeister (Germany) and Nick Tandy (Great Britain) finished the hotly-contested first race in second place.

At the Silverstone Circuit, spectators witnessed a gripping race with changeable weather conditions from start to finish. Taking up the race from the first grid row at the wheel of the #91 Porsche 911 RSR, Nick Tandy took the GT lead for the first time in lap eleven. A stop-and-go penalty, which his teammate Joerg Bergmeister served after the driver change, saw them lose their lead for just a brief time. Over the remainder of the race, the 470 hp winning racers from Weissach, based on the seventh generation of the iconic 911 sports car, often swapped positions for the lead spot. In the end it was newcomer Frédéric Makowiecki who settled at the front of the pack and brought home this important maiden win of the season at his very first race as a Porsche factory driver.


Third place went to Porsche in the season opener and its number 20 919 Hybrid, which was driven by Timo Bernhard, Brendon Hartley and Mark Webber. It was a magnificent start to the German team’s return to top-level endurance racing, although it wasn’t a complete success as the number 14 919 Hybrid failed to complete the race due to technical issues.

The Next Porsche GT2?


Autoblog has released some photos of what might be the next version of the Porsche 911 GT3RS or GT2

Porsche typically keeps to a suitably fast schedule when it comes to rolling out increasingly hard-core performance versions of the 911. After the 997 Carrera debuted in 2004, the GT3 version followed in 2006, and by the end of the 2007, Porsche had rolled out both the GT3 RS and GT2 versions. Then the facelifted 997.5 came out in 2008 and it was back to the start: the GT3 came in 2009, the GT3 RS and GT2 RS in 2010, and the GT3 RS 4.0 in 2011. But things have slowed down some with the latest 991 generation.

The new Carrera came in 2011 and the GT3 followed in 2012. By recent history’s example, we should have at least two more hardcore models by now, but we don’t. Maybe the engineers in Zuffenhausen have had their hands full fixing the spontaneous-combustion issues with the existing GT3, or maybe their attentions have been focused elsewhere altogether. But if these spy shots are anything to go by, it seems like they’re back on the job.

Now we don’t know if this prototype foreshadows a new GT3 RS or a GT2, but it sure looks more hard-core than the existing GT3 that many purists have derided as too soft, what with its automatic transmission and four-wheel steering.

What’s the difference between a GT3, GT3 RS or GT2? We’re glad you asked (even if you didn’t). The GT3 is a more performance-focused version of the 911. The GT3 RS takes things a step further, but keeps the naturally aspirated engine. The GT2 packs twin turbochargers, like the 911 Turbo but without all-wheel drive. Porsche seems likely to do one or the other, and this could be either. But whichever it is – with the turbos or without, manual transmission or dual-clutch – it promises to be one of the most formidable performance machines on road or track.


- Autoblog


Tubi Style Aventador Exhaust Systems


Custom Order Top Tier From Porsche Exclusive


Porsche Exclusive the division in Zuffenhausen is tasked with creating even more individualized examples of Porsche vehicles, and it recently did up this 911 Turbo Cabriolet – which, at $160,700, is already one of the most expensive Porsches you can order this side of a 918 Spyder: more than any Boxster, Cayman, Macan or Cayenne, any Panamera other than a Turbo S or Executive – not to mention any other 911 short of a Turbo S.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.03.41 AM

- Autoblog

Porsche To Push Ahead With Development Of Flat Four Cylinder Engine

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.50.44 AM

According to Automotive News, Porsche is finally preparing to launch a new boxer four engine in the Boxster and Cayman, following years of speculation. The engine would be based on the same architecture as the company’s famous flat six, but with two fewer cylinders to cut weight. Don’t expect it to cut much in the way of performance, however: Porsche chief Matthias Muller indicates that the new engine could produce as much as 395 horsepower – significantly more than even the 340hp flat six in the Cayman GTS, suggesting that the engine could even find its way into the 911 as well.

It’s no more clear which markets would get the four-cylinder engine, either. But wherever it is offered and in whichever form, it wouldn’t be the first time we’d see a Porsche with a four-pot engine. Not by a long shot. Both the classic 912 and 356 were powered by boxer fours, as was the 914 – not to mention the 718 pictured above and the iconic 550 Spyder. The front-engined 924, 944 and 968 packed inline-four engines, but the last of those were discontinued in the 1990s. The prospect of a four-cylinder Boxster/Cayman has been rumored for many years now, most recently joined by the possibility of a four-pot Macan as well.

- Automotive News – sub. req.

Porsche Developing New Engines For The Panamera?

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.54.42 AM

Autocar reports that the so-called MSB platform will likely underpin the Panamera, and it could be shared with Bentley, provided the Volkswagen-owned, British-built brand commits to the architecture. As for the engines, it’s reported that they’ll have a sportier character than the V6s and V8s being built for Volkswagen and Audi’s vehicles.

“Porsche will have its own new V8 that will be common to the new MSB platform,” Porsche’s chief engineer, Wolfgang Hatz, said. “It’s a family for the next 10 years of cars.” Whether the V8 and V6 will be used outside of the Panamera line, though, remains unclear. There’s also no mention of what place turbocharging would have with the new engines.

Outside of the well-known four-door Panamera, the development of the MSB platform should allow Porsche (and Volkswagen Group as a whole) some degree of flexibility in designing new entries. According to Autocar, that could mean the rumored Panamera Coupe or even a two-door convertible remain a possibility, with the MSB being “package protected” – designed with new body styles in mind.

- Autocar

Porsche Boxster and Cayman GTS


Baby 911. The poor man’s Porsche. That’s what they called the Boxster when it debuted some 20 years ago. They said the same of the first Cayman when it arrived a decade later, but they stopped saying it when the latest iterations hit the scene two years ago. That’s because Zuffenhausen’s entry-level models have long since stepped out of their big brother’s shadow and into their own. And that appears to be all the more true of the new Boxster GTS and Cayman GTS.

Based on the Boxster S and Cayman S, the new GTS models benefit from an enhanced 3.4-liter flat six that produces 330 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque in the roadster or 340 hp and 280 lb-ft in the coupe – representing an increase of 15 hp and 7 lb-ft in either model. Both also come with the Sport Chrono package as standard, along with adjustable suspension and 20-inch alloys, blacked out to match the dynamic headlight surrounds and other muted trim.

Those disappointed by the unavailability of a manual transmission in the fire-prone 911 GT3 will be pleased to note that a six-speed manual comes standard, but those enamored of letting a pair of clutches shift themselves seamlessly will want to spring for the optional seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. So equipped and with launch control engaged, the Boxster GTS will rocket from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, while the incrementally lighter, more powerful Cayman will hit it in 4.3. Either way you’re looking at a third of a second quicker than the Boxster/Cayman S. The interior has been upgraded with Alcantara trim and sports seats, but while Porsche is offering a stiffer suspension lowered by 20 millimeters in Europe, it doesn’t seem to be offering it in the US.

The first mid-engined GTS from Porsche since the 904 Carrera of 1963 will reach showrooms this summer with sticker prices starting at $73,500 for the Boxster GTS and $75,200 for the Cayman GTS, plus $995 for delivery. That makes both a good ten grand more than their S counterparts, but outfit either with the Sport Chrono package and PASM active suspension that come standard on the GTS, and a few other choice options to make your stand out, and that ten-grand price differential will soon evaporate – without the extra power to go with it.

- Autoblog

Confirmed. Porsche To Replace 911 GT3 Engines.


About a month back, Porsche announced that it was suspending delivery of its 911 GT3 due to reported incidents of the engine bursting into flames. A few days later, Porsche told owners of the new track-ready models not to drive their cars and had their local dealers pick up the cars in question. Just a couple of days ago, Porsche was working on a fix, and now there are official details.

Following an internal investigation prompted by two such incidents, Porsche has confirmed that is has identified the problem as resulting “from a loosened screw joint on the connecting rod.” The loose connecting rod, Porsche found, damaged the crankcase, which in turn resulted in oil leaking and then – in at least two cases – igniting.

In order to fix the problem, Porsche is replacing the engines entirely on all 785 affected units of the GT3, fitting these new engines (as well as new models to be built once production resumes) with “optimised screw fittings.” Our source at Porsche indicates that under 200 of the affected coupes actually reached customers – most are at port (where they will be fixed prior to reaching showrooms), or at dealers.

We also inquired as to whether Porsche had fielded any calls from concerned GT3 owners regarding the replacement engine’s potential impact on their car’s collectibility or resale value, and our source told us that they have not heard of owners raising any questions. Should such a scenario arise, we were told that, “The company will handle the customers on a case-by-case basis. All of this will be documented in the vehicle’s history file that’s maintained by Porsche.” Presumably, if there is clear and extensive official paper trail about the engine swap, would-be used GT3 buyers and collectors would be happier knowing their car is fitted with a correct, trouble-free engine than they are about not having a numbers-matching car.

It is not immediately clear what Porsche plans to do with the hundreds of recalled GT3 engines once it extracts them.

- Autoblog

Porsche Teases At New Boxster and Cayman GTS Variants.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.31.33 PM

Porsche is set to offer up the very first GTS variants of its more affordable Boxster convertibles and Cayman coupes. This is very good news for enthusiasts. Aside from our original post announcing the hotted up models, though, Porsche hasn’t given us much to go on.

And you know what? This video isn’t much of help either. It’s called The Committee, and we’re guessing it’s meant to highlight the lengths that Porsche went to in designing what are essentially sportier trim levels for its two most affordable entries. Still, it’s a stylized and entertaining video with a few entertaining driving scenes scattered throughout, and it gives just a small glimpse of Porsche’s view of the vaunted GTS badge.

Source: Autoblog

Porsche Cayenne Facelift? | Plug In Hybrid


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.29.34 AM

Porsche was first rumored to be working on a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the Cayenne over a year ago. However, we had never seen it, until now. The new model was caught almost completely undisguised while testing. In another stroke of luck, we got a glimpse of the upcoming facelift for Porsche’s SUV (pictured above) as well.

According to the spy shooter, it was windy during the cars’ cold weather testing. The cover blew off of the facelifted Cayenne, and there was enough time to snap these pictures before it could be hidden again. The changes are all quite minor but jive with what we saw the last time it was spied. The rear still wears some cladding but is expected to be hiding lights similar to the Macan.

Also it shows off the upcoming Cayenne PHEV. It looks nearly identical to the standard model, except for the extra panel on the driver’s side of the car that hides the electric port. One image even shows the car plugged in. The new version is expected to use the same supercharged 3.0-liter V6 and 9.4-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack with a combined 416 horsepower and 435 pound-feet of torque from the Panamera S E-Hybrid. We enjoyed the system when we tested it last year. It’s rumored to debut on the SUV sometime this year.

- Autoblog

Porsche Close To Fixing Issues With GT3 Engine FIres

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.20.17 AM

Looks like 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 drivers might actually get to drive their cars again soon. Reports of fires affecting the track-ready Germans first began about a month ago. Then, a few days later, the automaker confirmed two of the five alleged blazes and said owners shouldn’t drive their cars until further notice. Porsche then went so far as to offer to pick up the GT3s and transport them to the nearest dealer until the problem was identified and a fix was found. Finally, there appears to be a repair.

“We know the reason and the problem-solving measures. We’re testing them,” said Porsche CEO Matthias Müller to Bloomberg. The technical fix will be released to owners shortly.

The recall affects all 785 GT3s that have been sold so far, but there have been no reported injuries caused by the fires. When it first announced the safety campaign, Porsche said: “Internal studies to determine the cause of the engine damage have not been completed yet.”

- Autoblog

Tubi Style North America | Porsche 991 Turbo Exhaust System

991turboexhausttubifeature copy

After a few months of testing different prototypes and muffler designs we’ve finally found the perfect sound for the 991 Turbo/S. Here it is at last….the Tubi Street exhaust for the 991 Turbo and Turbo S. Like all Tubi exhausts, this system is made from 100% stainless steel, using a unique perforated steel baffle system to offer a very unique tailored sound, minimize drone, and insure longevity of the exhaust with no change in performance. The system also features hi-flow 200 cell HJS catalytic converters to reduce back-pressure and increase performance, while staying compliant with some states’ emissions requirement. Gains from the exhaust alone were as high as 22whp/18wtq during development testing.

Production just finished, so we’ll have a full stock of complete systems within a few days. Get your orders in now, while they last! (…bi-991t-ex.htm) We’re also currently testing the cat-less race version so stay tuned for more info on that.

Attached are some pics of the system, but of course…everyone wants to hear it…so here you. Enjoy!

The Porsche 911 RSR | Geneva

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.21.57 PM

The 470-horsepower racing version of the road-going 911 took a one-two finish in its class at Le Mans last year, and also won its class at the Daytona 24 this past January as well. This year Porsche will field two of them in the WEC, another two in the United SportsCar Championship here in the US and will sell countless more to customer racing teams that will undoubtedly continue to rack up trophies in racing series around the world. This, then, might be a unique chance to see one standing still.

- Autoblog

The Porsche 919 Hybrid Officially Unveiled!


Up until now, we’ve only seen the Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 car in swirly-wirly camouflage. Not anymore. The car that heralds Porsche’s return to Le Mans after more than a decade will wear this simple gray-on-white livery.

Porsche’s new LMP1-prototype for the FIA WEC and the 24h of Le Mans. The result of 2 years of hard work and preparation for their Mission 2014. The identity of this Porsche is unmistakable: it’s based on everything Porsche has learned about motorsports in over 60 years.

Porsche Cayman | Boxster Exhaust Systems From Tubi Style NA Now Available!


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Porsche suspends 911 GT3 deliveries and tells owners to park their cars pending inspection


Porsche may have have a serious problem on its hands. After a rumored five 2014 911 GT3 coupes caught fire in recent weeks, Porsche launched an investigation and stopped delivering its road-ready racecar until it could diagnose the problem. Now, it has issued a press release asking all 2014 911 GT3 owners to immediately stop driving their cars until they can be inspected. Porsche is offering to pick up the cars from owners’ homes and take them to the nearest dealer.

Porsche confirms that the at least two 911 GT3 coupes them have caught fire in Europe, and it has elected to inspect all 785 2014 GT3s worldwide. However, it claims no drivers have been injured in the fires. Unfortunately, Porsche says, “Internal studies to determine the cause of the engine damage have not been completed yet,” so owners might have a bit of a wait before they are able to drive Porsche’s ultimate 911 again.

- Autoblog

Tubi Style NA | Ferrari FF Exhaust Systems Now Available!


Porsche Is Expecting Big Things From The Macan


Porsche is expecting big things from its little Macan, with CEO Matthias Mueller announcing that not only is a sportier GTS model being considered, but that the CUV will almost certainly help push Porsche beyond its 200,000-unit-per-year sales goal three years earlier than expected.

“We’re transferring the genes of the Porsche brand into a new market segment,” Mueller said during a speech to kick off Macan production, according to Automotive News Europe. Macan demand should push the brand past 200,000 sales, Mueller said, confirming what we reported back in August. And if Porsche really has a hit on its hands, it is able to boost production of the sporty crossover beyond its initial capacity of 50,000 units, according to the brand’s CEO.

Provided that the Macan is the success Porsche hopes it will be, Mueller hinted that the range could expand beyond the initial Macan S and Macan Turbo. “GTS versions have a tradition at Porsche,” Mueller said. “We haven’t made a final decision yet regarding the Macan, but I’m sure it makes a lot of sense.”

A Macan GTS would certainly be an anomaly in the luxury CUV market. The closest thing the Macan has to a competitor is the Audi SQ5, which barely outguns the standard Macan S, let alone the 400-horsepower Macan Turbo. The arrival of a sportier, more agile GTS model could be all that’s needed to allow the Macan to become the de facto small CUV for anyone that wants something sportier than the norm.


2014 Cavallino Classic | Palm Beach | Tubi Style NA

cavallino-Tubi 2

Come join Tubi Style North America in Palm Beach at the Cavallino Classic January 23rd and 24th at Palm Beach International Raceway, and January 25th at the Breakers in Palm Beach. Thursday and Friday’s events feature live action racing on the track at PBIR, where Ferrari owners new and old can experience the potential of their supercars on PBIR’s 2.03 mile road course. Saturday’s event at the Breakers will feature 100′s of display cars and 1000′s of spectators admiring some of the most pristine examples of Ferrari engineering and racing heritage spanning several decades. Tubi Style NA will be on hand for all three days, displaying our range of Tubi Style performance exhaust products for Ferrari. Be sure to stop by our booth, say hello, and see the latest and greatest exhaust systems for Ferrari models.

2015 Porsche Targa First Look

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.44.31 AM

Porsche is set to reveal its new 911 Targa in a matter of hours. But before it gets the chance, the first batch of images have already leaked out, via

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.44.49 AM


As expected, the new Targa appears to ditch the complex sliding glass roof panels that adorned recent versions of the semi-convertible 911 in favor of a more back-to-basics approach. An entirely removable roof panel opens up the sky, backed by a metallic B-pillar hoop in front of a large curved-glass rear window.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.45.05 AM

We’ll have to wait just a little longer for the full scope of images and all the official details, but we’re expecting the new Targa to carry most of the same technical specifications as the 991 on which it’s based.

Source: Autoblog