Black 997.1 In For 68mm Billet Turbochargers @ Champion Motorsport

One of our local customers came to us yesterday looking for some extra power in his 997TT. Upon a quick consultation with our sales staff we found that he wanted to add a substantial amount of power to his 997TT however retain the VTG functionality. We answered with a set of 68mm Billet Turbo Chargers to complement our Power Package.

Build Contents
– Champion Motorsport 68mm Billet Turbochargers
– Champion Motorsport 2010 Intercoolers
– Werks 1 Carbon T-pipe with GT3 Throttle Body
– Werks 1 Carbon Y-pipe
– Werks 1 Carbon Airbox
– 5 Bar FPR
– Tubi Race Exhaust
– Champion Motorsport Exhaust Manifolds
– Custom GIAC Tune for Champion Motorsport 68mm Turbochargers

This vehicle arrived this morning and the build is going to start tomorrow. Stay Tuned,
Champion Motorsport Team.

Time for the clutch to be installed.

After many hours of thought, our customer decided to go with a set of MS61’s on his revamped 997TT.

They are going to be sprayed Satin Black…

Back From The Paint Shop.

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