Champion Motorsport Product News

The New CMS Intercoolers A Success and We Couldn’t Be Happier!

Champion Motorsport is happy to celebrate shipping our 25th set of our new for 2010 997.1 / 997.2 Turbo Intercoolers. Well actually since the idea of writing this 25th set notation, we shipped 2 more sets, bringing the total quantity out the door to 27 sets since the first set was built in late February of 2010.

This has definitely been our most popular selling product of 2010, and we are very proud to offer it. Each and every set is meticulously hand built right here in our Pompano Beach Florida facility, and each set is hand numbered for warranty tracking purposes.

If you have a set, we would love to hear about it.

Protection For Your Cores!

With the recent “Buzz” on our new Billet turbo chargers, cores have been coming in daily. What we are starting to see are cores coming in with damage to the very delicate electrical connector on the VTG actuators. These actuators are VERY pricy, and it is a crime for us to have to replace them and unfortunately charge back you, the customer for them.

We have developed a quick and easy guard that bolts on to each unit and protects this delicate component in shipping. Your new units will arrive with these guards already installed. Simply remove them, and install them onto your cores when you return your cores to us, and the actuators will be protected during both ways of shipping.

Another quick tip about shipping turbocharger cores: Do not use bubble wrap when packaging your cores. The turbochargers have many sharp edges and studs, not to mention the sheer weight of them. By the time they arrive in our hands, the bubble wrap is reduced to a mere plastic bag, and generally the turbochargers have been in transit unprotected. Please wrap them in plastic, and then suspend them in either foam, or “peanuts”, and finally use a heavy duty box. In most cases you will simply be putting them back into the box that your new Champion Motorsport units arrived in.