Possible Porsche Panamera Turbo S In The Works?

Porsche is reportedly working on a new range-topping Turbo S version of its four-door Panamera. Much like the Turbo S versions of the 911 and Cayenne, this would likely mean a bump in power is in order, as well as tweaked design elements and some additional standard equipment.

Autoblog.com.it reports that the Panamera Turbo S is expected to produce around 550 horsepower – 50 hp more than the ‘base’ Turbo. Torque output is also pegged to increase from 516 pound-feet (or 568 lb-ft with the Sport Chrono Turbo pack) to around 590 lb-ft. Thus, the Panamera Turbo S should sprint to 62 miles per hour in around 3.8 seconds.

Rumors suggest that Porsche could debut its Panamera Turbo S as early as April at either the New York Auto Show or the Shanghai Motor Show. Based on the price premium the 911 Turbo S commands over the 911 Turbo, we expect the mooted Panamera Turbo S to be priced somewhere around the $160,000 mark.

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