Champion Motorsport 991 Turbo S Development Car Has Arrived!

Well…she’s finally here! Last week we finally took delivery of our stunning black 2014 991 Turbo S. In a matter of about 15 minutes, it was already up on a lift being inspected by the team. As most people suspected, there are some pretty key differences between the 991 and the outgoing 997.2 Turbo. However, there are actually quite a few things that have remained unchanged. More on that in the coming few weeks.

So…on to the good stuff. The first order of business was to get a baseline dyno number on the car so we could begin the first stage of ECU programming with our partners at GIAC. Surprisingly, the car does make just a bit more power in stock form then we’ve seen with the 997.2 TTS cars. To do the dyno testing we drove the car up to our friends at Horsepower Logic near Palm Beach. HP Logic uses an AWD Mustang dyno so we thought it would be best to baseline on a dyno that would be a bit more “universal” then our DynoJet. The car very consistently produced between 480-485 horsepower and 455 lb/ft of torque at the wheels. Not too bad!

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